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As more pictures are published, the need for a quick update is necessary that is why this new format is adapted to fit the need. Check out our photos often for updates as events in the community happens.




The newest addition is the PBA Golf Opening Ceremonies at Hill Park Secondary School January 16, 2011.   With winter winding down soon the spring sports like golf and fishing will comence. Any Golf Tournaments brewing out there?

Gallery of More Recent Photos

The pictures presented for viewing here is but a fraction of what is actually going on within the Filipino community. This are but the few I have attended and taken picture of. I encourage member associations to submit pictures of their social gathering for publication here. Let our neighbouring community know we are a vibrant community here in Hamilton. This will be an ongoing project that will frequently update events as they transpire.


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Line Dance Fest at the HFCCl   April 26, 2014

One of many planned events for the Mr and Miss Philippines Hamilton Pageant culminating in October 25, 2014. The next fundraising event took place last May 10 the Spring Dance at the HFCC another successful venture. 

Coming up is the introduction of candidates during the 116th Philippine Independence Gala June 7, 2014 at Mchelangelos Banquet Centre followed by their appearance at the Flag Raising and Independence Mass the next day June 8th at the HFCC.

Save this date, September 13, 2014 for the talent night.


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Ato-Ato Christmas Party                                               December 8,2012

This year was the most attendance ever witnessed in all the parties ever held in this City. The community is in the party mood again. We are blessed by the presence of the first Filipino-Canadian appointed Senator of Canada Tobias C. Enverga Jr.and the Philippine Consul General, Lady Junever Mahilum West. Now that's a party. Link HERE to view event. 


Seafarers Visits HFCC Resource Centre

October 31, 2012

On this day a group of Filipino sailors from a cargo ship Federal Shimanto docked at the Hamilton Harbor were invited and brought to the Resource Center of the HFCC by Deacon Gerry and Leoni Guinto. A reception was organized to welcome them. Only five of twenty crew-members were able to attend on account of their busy schedule.  Link HERE to view event.


PCA Dinner-Dance Gala

October 12,, 2012 

This Gala evening event started with great dancing and a lot of good things in between. An honour award given to PCA man of the year George Santos was indeed a special surprise to a deserving recipient.  New line dances were introduced with great reception by the ever energetic and enthusiastic crowd. Link HERE to view event.


36th Year PBA Participation – Montreal   September 1 & 2, 2012

The longest reigning invitational Filipino Basketball Tournament in North America, PIBNA, was held in Montreal, Quebec on September 1st and September 2nd, or the Labour Day weekend. Writing this article gives this writer some pride in as much as he is one of the original founders of this event. The tournament started in Windsor Ontario in 1976 when basketball enthusiasts from Windsor, Toronto, Chicago, Hamilton and Montreal got together one Labour Day weekend for a friendly game of basketball. But, the friendly or camaraderie only existed when off court and once you’re in the basketball court, it was to show who is the best. Over the years this scenario has not changed. City participation have gone up in number to twenty cities sometime, divisions have multiplied to all kind of age levels including the youth or kids. This year’s participation in Montreal was no different than the participation in the last 35 years.  PBA fielded 3 teams, one Men’s Open, one Senior and one 15 and under. The best PBA of Hamilton can muster was the quarter-final of our 15 and under division against the mighty Toronto team in which we lost. 


PCA Picnic @ Willow Cove                                     July 21, 2012

The Pilipino Canadian Association as like most organization held their annual picnic at the ever-famous pavilion in Confederation Park. Games for the kids, line dancing for the adult crowd and a lot of good food and friendly company made the day go faster than usual.  Link HERE to view event.


Welcome Reception for New Immigrants                               July 29, 2012

The Pilipino Canadian Association in partnership with the HFCC greeted new immigrants. The next reception is in July 2013 for those new immigrants who have arrived or will arrive between August 2012 to June 2013. Register with the PCA at any time to be included in this welcome reception.  Link HERE to view event.


Hamilton Filipino Community Annual Golf Tournament

Sunday, August 19, 2012, this tournament was held at Chippewa Creek Golf Club at Mount Hope.  Philippine Basketball Association sponsored this year’s event. There were 54 golfers that participated, 8 delegates came from St. Catharines and Niagara peninsula headed by Johnny Pingol, president of Filcan Niagara and Jimmy Alejandro. Southern Ontario Golf Association or SOGA sent in 10 players headed by its executives, Joe Paule – president.  Mike Saavedra and his foursome in the mix also headed FCT Toronto. Toronto Consul General, a Lady, Junever Mahilum-West graced and played in the tournament.  Link HERE to view event. To see more pictures link to PBA GOLF 2012 to the PBA facebook page posted by Leo Zarzuela.



Independence Gala 2012                                                 June 9,2012

This year with the guidance of Mrs Andresa Cabilan the attendance was better than  previous years of celebrating our Gala event. Finally the community is in the party mood again.  Link HERE to view event. A VIDEO  of part of the affair can be viewed here too courtesy of Evelyn Vanderpek


Flag Raising and Holy Mass 

June 10,2012

The second and third phase of the celebration after the Gala occurs at the HFCC with the traditional flag raising and Holy Mass was well attended. Entertainment and the usual speeches followed ending with the battle of the balladeers Cip and Mindo. 
Link HERE to view event. 


Bowling Picnic

June 17, 2012 

This Bowling season is indeed a memorable one. Records were set for high triple score of 800 unattained for 33 years of this leagues bowling in this establishment. Jun Altura also equaled a near perfect 299 as part of the high score set that evening. Link bowling to the awards picnic event.

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Tyler Banham Inducts FILCRAH Oficers
April 13, 2012
The installation of officers is one of FILCRAH's significantt event that occurs every 2 year. You are placing the direction of your membership’s progress in their hands. You also give them the responsibility of exercising diligence and wisdom in their leadership. It is the obligation of every member to support them as they accept their offices and as they carry out their duties. Link here INDUCTION OF OFFICERS to view a record of the event.


Typhoon hits Cagayan de Oro Dec. 17, 2011
January 2012
Sometime in January of this year Dr.and Mrs. Dodong Cabilan and Yoyex & Dina Chan while on vacation, acted as envoys to deliver a much needed monetary aid courtesy of the HFCC to the victims of typhoon Sendong. The accompanying photo assures the funds went directly to a worthy organization. The recipients is Archbishop Columbus Villamin. Link here SENDONG to view the devastation. (CAUTION: slide show is very explicit)

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Appreciation Night at the HFCC
January 7, 2012
The annual appreciation of all the officers of the organizations that comprise the HFCC support group were honoured this night and a quick report of the ongoing financial health was also reported. A bit of levity was had by all. link HERE to view the happening.

PCA Induction of Officers
October 14, 2011

Taking up positions with this organization are mostly last years officers. The induction process was conducted by Atty. Donna Shibib on October 14th at Michelangelos BC. The general members elected the officers. Link HERE to view the event.

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Ato Ato Christmas Party
December 11, 2011

The tradition continues as the club presented a different surprise entertainment for the evening and a delectable midnight snack. As has been through the years This is a most attended party of every year. View the evening HERE just maybe you ane in it. 

PICAH Golf Tournament
August 14, 2011

At Chippewa Creek Golf Club Pinoy golfers from Hamilton Toronto Mississauga Brantford Niagara Falls St. Catherine's et al and guests, gathered for a friendly game to help raise Scholarship funds for PICAH the Philippine Islanders Association of Hamilton. It was a beautiful day with the weathers full cooperation, a fun day for all judging from the photos of golfers reminiscing and reuniting for a good cause. Link HERE to view slideshow. 

It was a good day to get reacquainted with old golf-mates a few years unseen but spoiled by water balls seemingly attracted to every pond and thick underbrushes that frame the fairways. Next year it will all be straight flying balls for the tournament only, but the I say the same thing every game I play. Oh well..... 


PICAH Election-Picnic
July 9, 2011

I was invited to the picnic on account of this being an election of officers’ day. Bonner moderated it with proper protocol and most of the officers were acclimated to their posts. The weather was ideal for a typical summer day, which everyone embraced while partaking of the usual home cooked delicacies Filipinos’ are noted for. Lechon of course is and will always be the main dish.  

Photo links to slideshow

Invitational golf
July 24, 2011

Photo links to slideshow

Every year we get invited to participate in the St. Catherine’s annual golf tournament usually held in Niagara Falls in this case Thundering Waters Golf Club. The course was designed by the ever controversial John Daley which attracted most of us being exposed to a more challenging venue. T’was a frustrating day though on account of heavy thunderstorm the night before. 

Independence Gala 2011
June 11, 2011

Photo links to events slideshow

The Gala event was well attended this year with the recognition of the Filipino pioneers in Hamilton honoured this evening as the top agenda. Awards from the supporting organizations were also given to their respective outstanding members which has been a part of this an annual event for the past ten years. The PCA scholarship award was also meted out To a most deserved individual.

To view the 12 pioneers honoured during the evening link HERE
 to link to a PDF file by Jung Aberilla.
Flag Raising at HFCC
June 12 2011

Photo links to events slideshow

In rhythm with the theme of the weekend festivities most of the Gala honoured pioneers were present and participated in the flag raising at the HFCC grounds hosted by the time honoured emcee Ms. Zeny Mesa. The ever present Councillor Tom Jackson handed them souvenirs of recognition from the City of Hamilton. He also gave a speech in that regard. To cap the event folk dancers from the Filipino School and senior dancers entertained the crowd. Meals were served with Filipino Deserts. 

Independence Mass 2011
June 12 2011

Photo links to events slideshow

The third part of the weekend Fete is the celebration of The Eucharist with Linda Robillard at the helm. The celebratory mass proceeded without a hitch followed by  a light snack then some levity afterwards with songs from two former singing champions. The finale was the battle of the "Makata's" Cip Mendoza and Mindo Isidro, a very entertaining duel of wits in Tagalog of course. Looking forward to next year. fm


A sample line dancing video of what transpired at the PCA fundraiser at HFCC.

click here to play video

PCA Fundraising @ HFCC
May 29. 2011

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A new twist, line dancing to raise fund for PCAs causes like annual scholarship awards, Filipino School and Man and woman of the Year search.

Bowling Picnic
June 5, 2011

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The 2010 Bowling season has culminated in a picnic @ dofasco grounds with presentation of trophies good food and the usual camaraderie. Golf @ the driving range with a bit of volleyball and basketball filled the days activities. 

PBA of Hamilton Opening Ceremony at Hill Park
January 16, 2011

On Sunday January 16, 2011 at 10:00 am the 21st year basketball season opened to a roaring success with The Chief of Police Glen de Claire as the guest speaker. Also present was the newly elected Mayor Bob Brartina who greeted the assemblage. Link to photos HERE.

Link photo to SNAP Hamilton News


Ato Ato Christmas Party
December 11, 2010

It has been a long-standing tradition of the club to present a surprise entertainment for the evening and a delectable midnight snack. This year was no exception as evident of by the video shown HERE. Videos of previous years party can also be accessed through here. 




Life is too short and friends are too few.'
Whatever you want to do, do it now. 
There are only so many tomorrows!

Fiesta Filipinas 2010
May 3o, 2010


Hamiltons first Fiesta Filipinas was a successful venture with many thanks for the support of Filipino and local businesses. consul General Minerva Jean A. Falcon graced the occasion as well as all the local politicians. View photos click HERE


PCA Fundraising Dinner and Dance December 4, 2010

 We gratefully thank our guests the supporter of our endeavor to raise funds for our causes. The book drive is very much alive and to date we have sent 15 balikbayan boxes to needy areas in the Philippines. To view slide show of the event please click HERE. 



PMBL Annual Awards and Summer Picnic
June, 20, 2010

After the end of the league season, a picnic always follow to wind down and assess the bowling deeds and practice the golf swing at the Dofasco Sports Complex. We are always looking for bowlers, if interested call Ivan Villabroza at 905-387-7327 @ Eye Society in Upper James.



PICAH Christmas Party
February 6, 2011

The event was celebrated at Michelangelo's Banquet Centre and was well attended. It seem that the community is in the mood to party again. This night a presentation of scholarship award was given to a well deserving candidate. To view slideshow of the event click HERE 



Photo-Video Collections

Inspirational examples of Filipino music talents and heroism rags-to-riches tale that will warm and inspire any heart.

PICAH Golf 2011
PCA Golf‘10
FCAN Presidential Golf 


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Independence Gala 2012                                                 June 9,2012

This year with the guidance of Mrs Andresa Cabilan the attendance was better than  previous years of celebrating our Gala event. Finally the community is in the party mood again. June normally is a difficult Month for gatherings because vacation times have started and everybody goes on their much-anticipated escapes. Link HERE to view event.